Individual Muslim top the web based Islamic matchmaking market

Started in 2000, UK-based solitary Muslim is actually a respected international Islamic matchmaking page. It will be the fundamental mover helping youthful english Muslims get a hold of being mate on the web. The working platform offers another, Islamically acceptable platform for small Muslims to engage and look for his or her lives mate.

Individual Muslim was released each time if online dating sites ended up being increasing grip. The capability to encounter possible being mate in a flexible, contemporary sorts got an unmet require at the moment the company sugardaddy ma would be based. There was clearly a generation of more youthful Muslims frustrated with traditional matchmaking that required cultural challenges, and sometimes contributed to most qualified Muslims not able to pick a person.

“The main reason had been we comprise the initial age group of [young] Muslims [in the UK] desperate for spouses.

Due to the fact need for online matrimonial service elevates among young years of Muslims, this service membership made available from solitary Muslim develops into more and more important. The platform offers exact same functions as online dating sites, like the capability to chat, communication and link, it is tailored around significant interactions.

“The important thing to notice concerning this services would be that it is fundamental around the ideals of Muslims, and it’s a “conclusion of the faith” form of solution and vital to the developing and surfacing demographic,” explained Younis.


  1. Much more than 10% associated with UK’s rough 2.5 million Muslims tends to be subscribed aided by the site
  2. There is helped with over 10,000 meets resulting in marriages since start


The global marketplace for dating online was approximate at $2.1 billion in 2014 by researching the market company IBISWorld, with an estimated CAGR of 3 percent through 2020.

The Islamic idea of matchmaking differs basically from ‘conventional’ internet dating and Muslim needs, in particular those of Muslim millennials, who have been unaddressed by old-fashioned web sites.

The particular Muslim marketplace for Islamic on the internet matchmaking exceeded $120 million in 2014, supposing Muslims represent 6 percent of complete market value, in similar proportion to Muslim display of the Consumer-Facing online economic system, as showcased in the county associated with the Global Islamic financial state 2015/16 document by Thomson Reuters in partnership with DinarStandard.

Knowing the unique requires of Muslims, Single Muslim provides sought to deliver an Islamically appropriate platform for young Muslims to engage and discover the ideal wife.


Single Muslim possesses focused entirely on the Muslim sector, and appeals to Muslims as a “service for Muslims run by Muslims”, unlike other online matchmaking providers that, as outlined by Younis, may offer a “white-label item” that is promoted to Muslims about additional organizations, but could usually trigger different providers which may struggle because of the standards of Muslims..

Generating success stories across several communities has become important to Single Muslim creating reputation amongst people. As mentioned in its page, it creates about four testimonials a day, and plainly exhibits these tales during their essential sales efforts.

The platform also has a fascinating method to competition which underlines the company’s confidence within the promoting.

Younis stated, “We incorporate competitor and assume that they pushes understanding the matrimonial providers as well as the require for they, and it is perhaps not untypical for Muslims to use a few carrier before deciding which best fits their demands.”

Solitary Muslim in addition has extended into various other marketplace, for example the U.S., Canada, the Middle East and Pakistan.


Individual Muslim is adept an including parents through the bing search process possesses gave them the opportunity to develop users, getting the system established previous.

“I do think adults must a whole lot more mixed up in using the internet option procedures, and initiate considering this technique much earlier. Muslims should also getting educated at a more youthful age about their positions and responsibilities…you motivate groups to find present from start and enjoy family engagement for the lookup techniques. The Reality Is, we see that as the growth segments for the company.”


Individual Muslim expects reliable growth in the need for online Islamic matchmaking, underpinned by a younger demographic that will need matchmaking solutions when you look at the coming year. .


The actual primary challenges the working platform experienced got scaling the company, primarily around supporting advertising and marketing and tech initiatives.

But despite this, the business received a robust business structure and surely could build funds internally without requiring considerable additional expense, confirmed Younis.

Another test certainly is the boosting battle looking for Islamic on the internet matchmaking. But the business expects to keep their primary competitive strengths.

“There would be far more newcomers being received by the market due to the development and appearance, specifically as new cash obtainable from VC corporations. Specifically, we all may also notice more popular professionals trying to concentrate on the Muslim market…However, most of us maintain our very own change, and that is that individuals commonly frivolous but offering a, extremely serious concept,” Younis explained.


Centering on the Muslim buyers group for providers that require specific tailoring to Islamic prices is generally workable sufficient to generate important scale.

Develop testimonials and market place those plainly to prospective owners and clients.

Locate some other essential influencers when you look at the on line dating/matchmaking processes also fix these people inside advertising and marketing and solution tactic.